Six Immortals
There can be Only One

Duncan MacLeod ... Methos ... Connor MacLeod
Richie Ryan ... Kronos ... Hugh Fitzcairn

Thanks so much to Godiva, Pookah, Gypsy, MethosLuvr, DL and Linda Freeman (Stan pic) for these pics!

Before the day of reckoning, before the Gathering, they shall band together.
Joining forces for one ultimate show of courage.

For Immortality, they're going for the FULL MONTY.

"I'm looking for some HotStuff baby this evening ..I want some HotStuff baby tonight.
Gotta have some HotStuff baby this evening ...
Gotta have some HotStuff, gotta have some HotStuff tonight .."

Six brave Immortals under the dancing supervision of Watcher, Joe Dawson and Amanda D. For one night, before they chop each others heads off ...

Together, they shall STRIP!

"I believe in miracles, where you from? You sexy thing *you sexy thing* ..
I believe in miracles, since you came along. You sexy thing *you sexy thing*"

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Day One of Rehearsal
Day Two of Rehearsal
Day Three of Rehearsal
3 hrs to UnDress Rehearsal
Where's BG?
To the Warehouse!
UnDress Rehearsal
After Dress Rehearsal
Night before Showtime!

Revelations: Prologue to Sequel


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